Identify energy saving opportunities of up to 40% with Eniscope

Eniscope - advanced energy monitoring system

ENISCOPE is one of the world’s most sophisticated energy metering systems. It delivers accurate, itemised data over the web, allowing you to swiftly identify wasted energy and eliminate costs.

For most businesses, the energy bill at the end of each month is the first and only indication of how much electricity you’ve used. Even then, it’s simply a total figure covering a certain time frame. You have no idea how much energy is wasted, and what part is essential to your day-to-day operations.

The ENISCOPE solution comprises of a flexible range of class-1 digital meters connected to a bespoke computer interface. It processes energy usage data by the second, then exports it through the internet. It’s then presented attractively and intuitively on your PC, laptop or mobile device.

ENISCOPE places accurate, unbiased analytical information at your fingertips. It makes invisible energy leaks visible, so you are empowered to prevent waste and make big savings.

Eniscope display
Identify saving opportunities of up to 40%
Expose energy-abusing equipment
Eliminate out of hours waste
Real time energy displays to improve efficiencies
Historical analysis tools
Cloud based storage

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