Air conditioning is often the single biggest electricity consumer in buildings, but who says it has to be? ACES is a sophisticated energy saving device that can save up to 35% on air conditioning costs. Plus, it’s easy to install, has zero maintenance, improves comfort levels and even extends the life of your equipment.

ACES - Air Conditioning Energy Saver

ACES uses advanced temperature sensing and control algorithms to identify exactly when the compressor in your air conditioning can be switched off, without compromising on your comfort. It even extends the lifespan of your equipment.

When you switch on air conditioning, it doesn’t take long for cooling coils gets as cold as it can get, which is a point called ‘thermodynamic saturation’. Running the compressor beyond this point doesn’t make it any cooler – it’s just a waste of energy.

ACES identifies exactly when thermodynamic saturation occurs and switches the compressor off. Thus the fan, which uses a negligible amount of energy relatively, continues pushing cool air into the room, so you’re just as comfortable but using much less energy.

Easy installation on existing equipment
Zero maintenance required
Reduces energy usage by up to 35%
Improves comfort levels
Extends equipment life
Reduces operations downtime