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Seido receives Partnership Excellence Award from KFC Asia


Sustainable Facility Management

Seido Solutions provides facility management services that are designed to improve your facility’s impact on the environment, productivity and people – not just today, but into the future.


Seido Nano Series

Achieve the same brightness with 74% less energy | Suruhanjaya Tenaga approved


Keep cool, no sweat

Reduce your air conditioning bill by up to 35% with ACES


Ready. Get set. Pounce.

Seize savings of up to 90% on your lighting bills


Our approach to sustainable facility management is simple

Preventive maintenance

leads to a decrease in corrective maintenance issues

Corrective maintenance

enables immediate response to any arising maintenance issues

Energy efficiency

reduced energy consumption, saving costs

Energy monitoring

results in ongoing improvements to efficiencies

EQUALS long term success and sustainability


Our facility management promise

Fast call out times

> 4 hours (critical cases)
> 24 hours (non critical cases)

No call out charge

> Including weekends and public hols
> 24 hour emergency hotline

Flat monthly fee

> Per outlet, per month
> Preventive and corrective maintenance

High service levels

> Proprietary CRM for tracking
> Proven track record

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Our energy efficiency technologies

Featured technology of the week – Seido Nano Series


  • Suruhanjaya Tenaga approved
  • 160 lm/W – Same brightness, half the consumption
  • <10% (4.6) THD – Minimal electronic interference
  • >0.90 – Superior power factor
  • 40% more savings than regular LEDs
  • Nano casing for durability and performance

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