Refrigeration accounts for a fifth of energy consumed globally. Every time a chiller door is opened, energy is needlessly lost. CUES is a simple retrofit device for chillers that is proven to reduce energy consumption by up to 33%. Not only that, CUES is easy to install, zero maintenance and completely food safe.

CUES - Chiller Unit Energy Saver

It’s generally assumed maintaining the temperature of the air inside a refrigerator is the best way to ensure that the food will take on the same temperature. However, many people don’t realise that air has completely different thermal characteristics compared to food, so it’s not an accurate measure of food temperature.

CUES is able to address these issues through a series of features:

  • Food Mimicking Thermostat – has same thermal characteristics as typical food products, making sure that the compressor only runs when there’s a genuine need
  • Food Block Probe – stored permanently alongside other food products inside the cabinet, the probe ensures the thermostat is accurately calibrated
  • Intelligent Motor Control – this technology constantly monitors the performance of the motor to ensure that only the right amount of energy is used during each phase of the cycle.
Easy installation on existing equipment
Zero maintenance required
Reduces energy usage by up to 35%
Improves comfort levels
Extends equipment life
Reduces operations downtime