In 2008, the Malaysian Government identified over 1,500 of the country’s top energy consumers under the Efficient Management of Electrical Energy Regulation 2008 (EMEER) and urged them to reduce their energy usage.

As an incentive, the Government recently announced the release of grants of approximately RM2 million and RM8 million to be distributed among commercial and industrial buildings listed under EMEER 2008  respectively to perform energy audits.

The grant will be disbursed on a first-come-first serve basis, and provides a great incentive for these companies to fulfil their energy efficiency obligations sooner rather than later.

Energy Commission
Sustainable Energy Development Authority Malaysia
Greentech Malaysia

Basic conditions of the grant

  1. A Registered Energy Service Company (ESCO), such as Seido Solutions Sdn Bhd, must be engaged to do the energy audit.
  2. Following the energy audit, you are responsible for implementing the recommended measures in order to meet an energy saving target of 15% in 3 years.
  3. The cost of implementation must be equal or more in value to the cost of the audit.

Further details of this grant can be found in these documents:

  • Terms of reference from Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA)s, the implementing body for commercial companies
  • Terms of reference from GreenTech Malaysia, the implementing bodies for industrial companies

How Seido Solutions can help

As a Registered Energy Service Company (ESCO) with nearly a decade of experience in the energy efficiency industry, Seido Solutions Sdn Bhd is perfectly positioned to assist in the following ways:

  • Apply and secure the grant on behalf of your company
  • Perform the energy audit with our advanced energy monitoring solution, meeting all the criteria required by SEDA
  • Recommend a total energy saving solution package tailored to your company’s needs that will meet, or surpass, the energy reduction target of 15% in three years.
  • Provide a flexible financing plan to suit your company’s budget and timelines.
  • Manage the implementation of the recommended energy saving measures on your behalf.

Contact us today, don’t delay!

The grant will be disbursed to successful applicants on a first come, first come basis so don’t delay. To get started on your energy efficiency journey, contact us today on the numbers below. We will be in touch as soon as possible: