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How to reduce your TNB bill to below RM100

By January 11, 2017 No Comments
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There’s a riddle that goes “What goes up and never comes down?”

The proper answer, in case you don’t know, is your age. But nowadays, many may argue that there’s another competing answer that could very well be true for many of us – YOUR TNB BILL.

Take heart, however, all is not angst and despair. Check out the list below for ways to reduce your electricity bills!

  1. Switch to LED lights. They’re cheap, easy to install, responsive and last for a long time. Typical LED lights for households range from RM10 to RM30, and can even be found at supermarkets and Mr DIY nowadays.
  2. Get 5 star energy rating inverter air conds – Although those five yellow stars pasted onto the air conditioner unit means it costs more, they’ll save you more every month, leading to thousands in the long run. You can get some good deals during home and electrical ware exhibitions.
  3. Set the room temperature to 25 degrees. You may not know this, but even if you set your air conditioner to 16 degrees, it doesn’t ever really reach there. Instead, your air conditioner stresses itself out, using heaps of energy, trying to reach an impossible goal. 25 degrees is comfortable enough, really.
  4. Use a solar powered water heater. True, these cost a lot to install, but thereafter your water heating bill is literally free. Technology is improving all the time, so many of the newer models don’t face this problem of ‘running out of hot water’. Get good deals at home exhibitions.
  5. Use natural light. Where possible put in large windows or use skylights. Natural light not only looks better (especially for those insta food photos that everyone’s going nuts for!) and saves electricity, sunlight also keeps away nasty germs and mildew.

And here’s even more good news. The measures above are not only good for your pocket, they’re also great green initiatives – so you’re doing your bit for the environment too.

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